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i’m that friend that has to walk behind the group when the path isn’t big enough. i’m that friend that gets cut off in the conversation. i’m that friend that gets left behind when i asked for them to wait for me. i’m that friend that doesn’t get invited to hang out alot. i’m that friend that if i want to go to the mall or some place with a friend i have to be the one to invite people to make sure i get included. i’ll always be that friend.



that’s my girl

I don’t know the context but

"I hope you can go to that place."


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


If someone tells you to listen to a song, listen to it.  It may be the worst song you have ever heard but they wanted to share it with you.  That is really special.  If it makes them feel a certain way and they are so adamant about you hearing it, take 5 minutes to hear it.  It shows a lot about someone.  


Sakura brightened by sunlight (by phtg)


hiding from your responsibilities like 



Vest appreciate post.

What Writers Mean When They Say I Love You


Sea otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t float apart

in the midst of dreaming, but in my mind my phantom hand

clutches yours all the time, even when I’m off on the other side

of the world doing book tours for a novel in which every page

was written about you….


Tiny legs